Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Raya

I went to my friend, Zarith's house on 16th September which is on the Malaysia day! (:

So we have a raya celebration there (:

I just love this pic HEHE

Eating time~~



Candid :p

 Family picture

Lastly, a very big thanks to the host, Zarith for a wonderful day! Thanks ter

Friday, September 9, 2011


On 28th of August, I went to Redang Island for 3D2N with mummy for our summer holiday. It's a very beautiful island in Terengganu.

We stayed in Redang Pelanggi Resort. For more information,visit http://www.redangpelangi.com/ (:

Snorkeling time~ wheee~~

Syok sendiri in the room!! HAHA

'xia ri mo mo cha' movie scene site (:

Okay,usually rich men stay here. It's much more beautiful than the resort I stay in and of course its expensive too. And mostly ang mo stay here.

Went for a walk with mummy~

Crystal clear water~!  it~!!

The canteen where we have our breakfast,lunch,tea and dinner here. There're always squirrel  waiting there to be feed by visitors.

The bar (:

Volleyball site~

Sunrise in Redang.

Beautiful isn't it? !!

Sun shines on my face :D

Goodbye Redang~ I you!